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Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety by creating a rapid response social safety network

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Help anywhere, anytime.

Musketeer revolutionizes personal safety - creating communities of people who are ready to help each other in times of need. Founded in 2012 by Shaul Avidov in Israel after two young women were attacked near a busy nightclub not far from his home. Shaul knew that if someone in that nightclub had known they needed someone to walk them to their car, they would have gone to walk them. 

Utilizing today's most advanced technologies, Musketeer aims to make society safer by enabling peer-to-peer help anywhere at any time. The Musketeer app is for the community, the Musketeer philosophy is for everyone. Smarter cities, informed companies, and united peoples, building a safer world for everyone in it.

Meet the Leadership Team

We are dedicated to creating a safer society for all.

Shaul Avidov


Shaul selflessly served in the IDF for 23 years and now brings both passion and structure to Musketeer.

Gilad Jacobson

VP Product

Gilad has software in his system; as a developer and manager, he translates vision into execution with robust, streamlined architecture.

David Cohen

VP Operations

David combines practical engineering with people management to create a smooth, well-maintained Musketeer operating machine.


Musketeer is about safety. We have reimagined the way technology can be used to help people in need, and this translates into our philosophy of resiliant communities with Musketeers helping each other anywhere, anytime.

We believe in people. That is ingrained not only in the structure behind the Musketeer service, but in the the way we live our lives. Musketeer was created because we believe that most human beings inherently want to help one another. We have seen technology advance in so many other areas, improving the daily lives of people from getting a taxi to finding a local foodie place. Isn't it time we have something for the times that are most important, times when someone needs help?

It is as simple as having someone join you to walk to your car at night, to finding a lost child at a mall. Musketeer is your call for help, a simple call that can be answered by those around you wanting to help people like you.

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