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What is Musketeer?

What is Musketeer?

Musketeer is a social safety network.

Based on the notion that in time of an emergency the quickest help will come to us from people close by, the application alerts Musketeers in the area of an emergency that their help is needed.

In addition users can chose to alert a pre-defined Help Contact list as well as their local emergency services.



How does Musketeer work?

In time of an Emergency Musketeers can alert their Help Contacts, Local Emergency services in addition to Musketeers close by.

When the Help button is activated, an alert is dispatched to all Musketeers in the area letting them know a fellow Musketeer needs their help.

Musketeers who accept the Help call, see the exact location of the event and a map outlining the fastest route. Responders can communicate via a dedicated chat, and exchange audio and media files.

If the user choses to alert his/her Help Contacts they too will receive an alert regardless of their location.

Musketeers can connect to local emergency services via the app. The application identifies the country the Musketeer is in and automatically connects the call to the local service.

How does Musketeer know who to alert during an emergency?

Musketeer rests on 3 separate help circles.
1.   Help Contacts: Predefined contacts regardless of their location
2.   Musketeers Nearby:  Musketeers nearby
3.   Local Emergency Services: Local emergency services (e.g. 911 can be called from within the app)

During an emergency Musketeers can choose to alert one or all of the help circles.


What is a Help Contact?

The application enables users to define up to 5 Help Contacts. These are personal contacts that will receive all your alerts regardless of their location and distance from you. 

Why haven't I received any alerts?

The application alerts all Musketeers closest to an event. If you haven't received an alert it probably means that there haven't been any events in your area.

How do I know who responded to my distress call?

Alerts are dispatched to Musketeers closest to an event. Users will see Musketeers that have "Accepted" the alert call, and can communicate with them via a dedicated chat function.


How do I ensure a "bad guy" doesn't accept my distress call?

Our main concern is the security and safety of our users. We therefore, have a very strict registration process in which we require details of each user including their pictures and we verify their phone numbers. The location of the Musketeers is only visible when they have alerted or accepted an alert call, at which point the application tracks each Musketeer.

Who sees my location?

User privacy is a top priority for us. Musketeers will see your location only in the event that you alerted for help, or responded to a Help call. 

What should I do when I receive a Help call?

If you are in a position to provide assistance you can "accept" the alert. In this case, you will see the location of the caller and can communicate with him/her as well as with the other responders via a dedicated chat.

Do I have to respond to every Help call?

Whether you respond to a distress call is totally up to you and depends on whether you feel you are in a position to help.

The application tracks Musketeers once they accept a Help Call but do not track those that do not respond. We understand and accept that one is not always in a position to provide assistance.

Who sees my personal information?

User privacy is a top priority. Your personal information is only shared with responders during a Help call, and is never shared or sold to 3rd parties.

What do I do if I accept a Help call and the caller doesn't respond to my chat?

A user may mistakenly have activated the Help button. When you close the event you have the opportunity to provide feedback which will be shared with the caller. Please use the feedback form to let them know.

If my phone is locked, do I still get alerts?

Yes. If you have enabled notifications in Settings, you will receive alerts even if your phone is locked.

How can I know how many Musketeers are nearby?

At any given time, once you open the app, a map will show you the number of Musketeers nearby.

Does Musketeer affect my battery life?

When the application is not activated but runs in the background it does not utilize more battery than other location based applications. When an alert is activated, the application automatically turns on the GPS so as to provide your location and the location of responders. GPS services do have heavier demands on battery life.

Once I've downloaded the application will GPS always stay on?

No. GPS is activated only when you activate an alert or when you respond to a distress call. During these times it is important to determine the location of the caller and the responders, which requires GPS.

When I downloaded Musketeer I was asked to allow access to my contacts. Why?

The application needs to access your contacts in order to enable you to define your Help Contacts.

When I downloaded Musketeer I was asked to allow access to my photos. Why?

We never share any of your personal information, contacts or photos. However, in order to enable responders to communicate and share photos during an event access to your photos is required.

How can I practice using the app without activating a live event?

The application offers a Training Mode which is activated by clicking the ‘More’ menu (3 dots at top right of your screen).
You can train with either a personal contact or a virtual Musketeer.

I started registration but didn't receive an activation code.

If for some reason you did not receive an activation code by SMS, please contact us at 

I activated a Help call. What does the icon of the microphone signify?

When the Help button is activated, the app automatically records 10 seconds of audio and sends it out to all responders. In case you are not able to text a message, you can provide information about the event via the recording.

In addition, at any time during an alert you can press the icon to record a voice message to share with responders.

I switched on the app and noticed that my location on the map was incorrect. What should I do?

If the location shown on the map does not show your precise location, go to settings, switch location services "OFF" and then "ON". This should help reboot your location.

If however, this does not solve the problem please contact our support at

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